Mister Zoff


Zoff's sucker feet are only seen in zero gravity

Mr. Zoff was an alien crew member of the spaceship RLS Legacy in her quest to find the mysterious treasure of Captain Flint hidden in the Treasure Planet.

Zoff belongs to unnamed species, whose appearance is similar to a large, pale gastropod with several tentacle-like sacks on the back, arms and mouth. He also possesses sucker feet, which are normally hidden below his mantle-like body; being visible when the ship reaches space and temporarily loses gravity; after which Zoff is ordered to turn on the artificial gravity and does so.

Unlike the other aliens of the crew; Zoff is unable to speak English and instead communicates with his species' native language called Flatula; which consists of flatulent noises coming out of the several openings on his body.

It is not revealed whether Zoff was secretly a member of Long John Silver's pirates like most of the crewmen. He is last seen observing the planet following Onus' announcement that they were about to land; but what became of him during and after the mutiny is not seen. The fact that he no longer appears on the film after that suggests that he could have been killed, captured and locked in the ship; or escaped in one of the lifeboats.


  • He is voiced by Bob Bergen.