The Zongorlu were a race native to the planet of the same name. The average Zongorlu was a lumpy collection of leaves and nodules that moved slowly across the ground, covering no more than a meter each day. According to Galactic Republic propaganda during the Mandalorian Wars, there were nine distinct tribes of Zongorlu, each of which was populated by fierce warriors. These tribes maintained vacation grounds on the planet Serroco, and these camps were filled with younglings when the Mandalorians bombarded the planet. These Republic reports, provided by Captain Goodvalor, helped to drawn Koblus Sornell and his strike force to Zongorlu, where Sornell discovered the truth about the Zongorlu race. Those Zongorlu who greeted the Mandalorians reacted with what amounted to shocked indifference to their appearance, and largely ignored the invaders.

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