Karnor, leader of the Zorgons


The colonization of Zorgo.

Zorgons are a sapient, carnivorous humanoid species that hail from planet Zorgo. Their leader is Karnor, a frequent visitor in the R.U. Sirius. Although they usually try to keep a friendly relationship with Earth, they are a frequent cause of harms due to their awkward habit of eating Humans. This seems to have started after they bought some cookbooks with Human recipes from the Dorkons (drawing parallels with the Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man"). The problem was solved thanks to Agent X, who introduced Zorgons to a new food source called "I Can't Believe It's Not Humans!".


Before arriving on planet Zorgo, Zorgons were a nomadic race searching for a good place to live. They were peacefully received by the planet's original inhabitants, the Pacifoids, who taught Zorgons how to farm and to build tools and shelter. Unfortunately, they were later eaten by the Zorgons. The history of the colonization of Zorgo is celebrated on "Day of Big Feast", the Zorgon's equivalent to Thanksgiving.

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